Toshiba is a company which strives to deliver quality innovations to make a meaningful difference to the people around us.

From highly-efficient power generation systems, miniaturized semiconductor components to reliable infrastructure technologies, we leverage our technology know-how across the fields of Social Infrastructure, Energy, Electronic Devices & Storage and Digital Solutions to provide quality and cutting-edge solutions for our customers.

As the regional headquarters for Southeast Asia, India & Oceania, Toshiba Asia Pacific is positioned strategically closer to you so that we can understand and react rapidly to the dynamic environments we are in.

In today’s world where there are pressing challenges for electricity supply to fuel fast-growing economies, Toshiba has been leading the future in electrification with innovative technologies including advanced ultra-supercritical thermal power that offers high performance and reliable power supply. Asia Pacific has an abundant energy source including hydro, geothermal, solar & wind and Toshiba is here to respond quickly to its electricity’s demand and delivering this through our integrated transmission & distribution systems – ensuring a stable and equitable energy supply for buildings, factories and homes.

As infrastructure needs become increasingly complex, Toshiba offers technologically advanced solutions including integrated transportation systems and highly sophisticated water management systems. In addition, Toshiba delivers reliable building solutions with your ease and comfort in mind.

There is unprecedented surge in data storage and management and it is altering business models and forcing industry players to remain nimble. In the era of Internet-of-Things, Toshiba is offering technologies which can optimize their assets while operating efficiently and securely.

Toshiba has a strong belief in nurturing a high performance culture where we strive to continuously improve our offerings, challenge our existing processes and develop human talent to unlock the creativity and energy of our employees. Corporate social responsibility is one of our cornerstones and we believe in conducting our businesses in a manner to create sustainable value.

We are taking bold steps forward to develop customized solution offerings to meet the needs of the local communities, wherever we are present. It is driven by the vision where everyone can live in a safe, secure and comfortable society.

Mr Tatsuo Doko
Corporate Representative – Asia, Toshiba Corporation
Managing Director, Toshiba Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.