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On Aug 14, 2009, Toshiba Electronics Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. (TEM) cleaned up its compound and surrounding neighborhood.

“Gotong-Royong” is a Malaysian unique term which refers to a group activity for a common purpose such as picking up rubbish and cleaning drainages at public areas and so on.

As part of TEM”s environmental awareness program, annual “Gotong-Royong” activities are held and participated by our employees including the Managing Director, Mr. T. Maeda. About 300 participants took part in an hour long activity where employees picked up rubbish and other unwanted materials from areas surrounding TEM.

Mr. Maeda in his speech stressed out the importance of preserving our mother nature for our future generation and encouraged employees to cultivate “Mottanai” culture not only at work place but at our homes as well. At the end of day, all of the employees were satisfied and felt great about being “In Harmony with the Environment”.