« Back Inaugural Singapore G1 Soap Box Derby 2010, joint TSP/TAPL participation in green initiative by SEC

On Sunday 19 Sep 2010, thirty schools ( each 5 team members + 1 teacher) took part in the inaugural Singapore”s G1 Soap-box car race at The Float @ Marina Bay. The G1 Race For Green Launch, of course, is a mere prelude to the coming F1 which will be held in Singapore from Sep 22-28, 2010. G1 is a pioneer green motorsport. It will engage both young and old in fun races soapbox cars, derby cars and regular cars – powered by anything but an internal combustion engine. This is the roots of how the name “G1″ came to being. It”s not exactly F1, it”s a green F1.

The soap-box race is one of the many activities of Singapore G1 to raise awareness of green transport technologies and green alternatives energy through education and engaging the public. As part of the joint Toshiba Singapore and Toshiba Asia Pacific CSR community outreach program for schools, Toshiba proudly sponsored Dunman Secondary School so that the students can participate without charges. Dunman Secondary School team gave their best but their quest ended in the 10th position. Toshiba congratulated Dunman Secondary School team for their fine sportsmanship. ” Our strategy to optimize car speed for the race is to choose the most petite students so as to maintain the lightest load possible,” said Ms Erlis and Mr Ivan Sim, teachers in charge from Dunman Secondary School. ” This event is very challenging because the students learnt to rethink car dynamics and resistance; applying scientific and mathematical knowledge to gain an edge over other competitors.”

 From left: Mr Lim Joo Peng ( TAPL), Mr Shimpei Miwa ( Senior Manager TSP-MFP), Ms Grace Lee ( TSP Senior HR Manager, Dr Amy Khor ( Senior Paliamentary Secretary, Ministry of Environment and Resources, Ms Isabella Loh ( SEC Chairman ), Mr Tay Choon Song ( Senior Manager TSP Notebook - Marketing Services & eBusiness )  From left: Mr Lim Joo Peng ( TAPL), Ms Grace Lee ( TSP), Ms Beatrice Chong ( Dunman’s Principal), Ms Erlis ( Dunman Teacher-in Charge), Mr Miwa ( TSP-MFP), Mr Tay Choon Song ( TSP- Notebook) Bottom : The G1 race team from Dunman Secondary School ). Mr Ivan Sim – teacher in charge ( fourth from left)  The school teams getting ready for their derby race  G1 race in progress