« Back LED Lighting Installation at Toshiba TEC Singapore

Toshiba TEC Singapore Pte. Ltd. (TSE) installed world”s brightest Toshiba LED down light “E-CORE” 2000 Series at the reception area on Oct 5, 2009, to fight against global warming by reducing electricity consumption at ½ of existing fluorescent light.

Since April, Toshiba has been promoting to install this environmentally-conscious LED lighting “E-CORE” in its Asia-Oceania regional group companies, and so far, Toshiba Group has decided to install more than 200 LED lighting bulbs within this financial year.

Toshiba is also eager to promote new series of “E-CORE” coming up around this year end to those who wish to be environmentally-conscious, especially building owners, architects, designers, developers and tenants.