« Back Recycling Day Event on 26 Sept 2009 - Joint Event By Computer Systems and Electronic Imaging Divisions

On a hot and sunny Saturday, 26th September 2009, Toshiba Singapore was one of the four IT exhibitors for the National Environment Agency”s (NEA) Recycling Day 2009, held at Tampines Central from 9am to 5pm, to showcase to the public what Recycling was all about.

The core objective was to create public awareness on the importance of eWaste recycling. Toshiba took this opportunity to showcase our three voluntary take-back programs,namely,

1. Notebook-2-Recycle

2. Notebook Battery-2-Recycle3. Cartridge-2-Recycle.Of the 2,000 visitors, more than 500 visited Toshiba booth and were quickly briefed on Toshiba”s GREEN initiatives. We took down public feedback by engaging 200 participants in our Toshiba ECO survey. We successfully collected 30kg worth of electronic Waste, comprising of five pieces Toshiba notebook PC and other IT accessories by the end of this one-day event. At the same time, one fully-filled box containing ink cartridges and toners were collected too.

Overall, it had been a very successful event with strong Toshiba presence where we took the chance to present our strong CSR message “Harmony with the Earth” to the public.