« Back Toshiba Singapore MFP Electronics Imaging Division Rolled Out 1st Toner Cartridge Take-Back Program in Singapore

As part of Toshiba”s global product recycling initiative, Toshiba Singapore EIectronics Imaging Division officially rolled out Toner Cartridge Take-Back Program in Singapore, in December 2009.

The project aims to collect more than 10,000 used toner cartridges from customers” offices per year, to reduce the landfill effects here in Singapore and also to raise more awareness on the impact of carbon contributing to global warming.

Over the past years, used toner cartridges were mixed with regular office waste, which were then collected by waste company to be sent for incineration, hence creating waste pollution due to landfill after incineration.

To realize contribution to Toshiba global product recycling initiative, Toshiba Singapore teamed up with Toshiba Data Dynamics and a local recycler to reduce our waste impact through recycling of these used cartridges. Waste collection boxes are placed at the premises of all the customers across the island. Customers can dispose all used cartridges, including those of other brands through us and this helps to differentiate Toshiba as a more environmental conscious company. The collected cartridges will then be stripped, destroyed and then recycled into semi-raw plastics for re-manufacturing. Customers will be given annual quarterly report on the amount of used cartridges recycled.

“We strongly believe in thinking of the environment when we think of business”Dannis Leow, TSP EI Marketing Manager

Toner Cartridge recycling team members (Toshiba Asia Pacific Ltd, Toshiba Data Dynamics and local recycler

(This article contributed by Mr Dannis Leow, TSP EI Marketing Manager and Champion for TSP toner recycling )