Cyber Physical Systems (CPS)

In recent decades, global development has centered on the IT revolution, particularly the internet and semiconductor technology, which has created immense value to the society’s evolution and progress. Looking ahead, we see a future where real world technologies (Physical technologies) will fuse with digital and internet technologies (cyber technologies). Through years for experience in development of a wide range of technologies, Toshiba Group will enter into a new world where manufacturing and services evolve together which Toshiba calls CPS (Cyber Physical Systems).

With the establishment of Toshiba IoT Reference Architecture (TIRA), a three-tier architecture comprising edge, platform and enterprise services, it is used as a blueprint when creating different Industrial IoT services or CPS related businesses. By making application programming interface (API) open, not only Toshiba, but third parties, can also create services. The data can be downloaded from or connected to any devices using a standard interface.

Toshiba Group has also introduced CPS business models to BtoB areas, based on our established businesses, such as Virtual Power Plants (VPP), railway operation plan systems and factory IoTs.

Cutting Edge Technologies

Over 140 years, Toshiba group has consistently contributed to the society by providing technologies and solutions by integrating years of experience and capabilities in the physical field of manufacturing industry with strengths in cyber technologies derived from over 50 years of research in AI. We strive to continue this legacy through creation & development of cutting edge technologies to resolve social issues, in fields such as quantum application and precision medicine.

Quantum Key Distribution (QKD)

A global leader in developing high-speed quantum cryptographic systems, Toshiba has pioneered several technologies which contribute to its high performance QKD solution. The company has the capability to achieve secure data communications across fibres longer than 150km.

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Simulated Bifurcation Machine™

Originated from research on quantum computing, the SBM is a practical and ready-to-use ISING machine that solves large-scale “combinatorial optimization problems” at high speed. This high-speed algorithm can be applied to daunting but essential tasks such as identifying efficient delivery routes, determining the most effective molecular structures to investigate in new drug development, and building portfolios of profitable financial products.

Precision Medicine

With technology advancement in the medical field, Toshiba also play a part in developing new technology areas of precision medicine. Through years of research and collaboration with research and medical institutes, Toshiba has developed new technol- ogies such as micoRNA detection technology system and Heavy Ion Therapy system to enables high accuracy and high precision in cancer detection and medical treatment.

Micro RNA

Early detection of cancer with high accuracy

Heavy Ion Therapy

Advance cancer treatment with high precision