Toshiba join hands with e-Waste partners for Tree-Planting Day

Dec 18, 2021 < Back

In collaboration with the National Parks Board (NParks) of Singapore and Garden City fund “Plant-A-Tree” Programme, the National Business Solutions Divison (NBSD) of Toshiba TEC Singapore Pte. Ltd. (TSE) joined hands with e-waste collection partner – Metech Recycling Singapore to organize a “Plant-a-Tree” day on 18th December 2021.

With the increasing concern on global climate change, TSE is committed to reducing negative environmental impact through its initiative, the “Toshiba Carbon Balance Program“. This program aims to promote a sustainable global environment by carrying out activities such as an e-waste program to reduce greenhouse gas emissons.

For this year’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) event, 15 e-waste partners, including Toshiba Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd. (TAPL), participated to plant a total of 11 trees at Changi Beach Park.

Highlighted by Mr. Yasutoshi Serizawa, President and Chief Executive Officer of TSE’s vision on recycling, renewal, and sustainability. This environmental passion helps us all unite our individual and corporate goals to contribute to an environmental friendly and greener Singapore.