Elevators Solutions

Leading the way to a green future, Toshiba creates cutting-edge technologies that offer various eco-friendly products to the market, with safe, comfortable and environmentally-conscious design. One renowned example is the Green Concept Elevator.

With the “SPACEL-III” and “ELCOSMO-III” series, elevators consume 50% less energy compared with their precedents. Reduced energy consumption is accomplished by state-of-the-art technology such as a regenerative system, LED lighting, lighterweight cabin design, advanced control system and PMSM motor. Newly-developed eco-conscious dry tape lubrication oil free roller guides provide enhanced smooth riding comfort for users

Key Features


Low power


Comfort: Low vibration,
Low noise



Toshiba has developed a new modernization package of “ELFRESH”. It is line-up of exchange only the necessary part from the existing elevator. One distinctive feature of ELFRESH is to exchange the existing induction motor to PMSM motor. At the same time, it is driven by the new inverter control system. This is made possible with our customized inverter control systems and newly traction motor technology, reducing the high voltage consumption from the existing building, extending the elevator system life span.

Performance and Expectation of the Lifts System over its Entire Lifespan

Even when regular maintenance is carried out, lifts performance is limited by its original design factor and deterioration due to aging. With the increase in demand and higher expectation from customers, the gap between the performance and expectation has widen over time. “ELFRESH” can rejuvenate the aging lifts system and enhance the performance to keep up with the customer’s expectation.

Solutions for “ELFRESH”

Energy Saving

Development of new technology continuously to achieve lower energy consumption


Deliver noiseless and excellent riding experience with Toshiba advance technology.

Environmentally Conscious

Toshiba makes positive approaches for environmental conservation.


Deliver safe and high-quality products from leading edge technology.


Up-to-date safety device to ensure passenger’s safety.