« Back Toshiba Offers Solutions to Strengthen Cyber Resilience on Critical Energy and Industrial Infrastructure

Thailand – Toshiba showcased its cybersecurity solutions in mitigating cyber risk for energy and industrial infrastructure at CEBIT ASEAN Thailand, aiming to expand its cybersecurity business in the region.

Cyberattacks are on the rise globally. With the proliferation of physical devices connected to networks, cyber threats have now expanded to include industrial control systems and products, which traditionally operated in a safe and enclosed environment. This leaves them vulnerable to cyberattacks, causing economic loss, equipment damage to intangible costs such as loss of intellectual property, trust, and reputation.

In Thailand, according to a report by Statista, cybersecurity spending has seen a yearly increase from 2015, and is forecasted to reach 0.07% of Thailand’s GDP by 2025. As market needs and government regulations increase to protect critical infrastructure from cyberattacks, cybersecurity solutions will continue to grow in demand.

Toshiba is harnessing on its traditional and digital strengths to deliver cybersecurity solutions. The key solutions Toshiba offers to mitigate cyber attacks are to strengthen cyber resilience by tapping on the company’s manufacturing experience of over 140 years and applying its intelligence centric approach. Demonstrated in a power plant based in Japan, the implementation improved real-time visualization and detection from entry points and across systems, analyzing threats and enhancing monitoring productivity. This brought about improved functions and reduced costs, benefitting suppliers and ultimately end users.

Toshiba exhibited its cyber security solutions at CEBIT ASEAN Thailand, including control system security, CYTHEMIS™, CyberX, WaterFall and Meister Series, which supports real-time visualization, threat detection and alerting, and one-way communication from Operational Technology to Information Technology, especially in the Industrial IoT and infrastructure fields.

Takashi Amano, General Manager, Cyber Security Center at Toshiba Corporation and Technology Executive & CISO at Toshiba Digital Solution Corporation said, “As a manufacturing powerhouse in Asia, Thailand is one of our key target markets to deploy complete cybersecurity solutions that combines our expertise in both the cyber and physical spaces. By strengthening sales activities and offering quality field services in-market to better integrate local needs, our cybersecurity solutions are ready to contribute to building cyber-resilience for critical infrastructure in Thailand.”