product overview

Power Generation


Toshiba Group taps on the comprehensive engineering capabilities it has cultivated through large-scale plant development and other initiatives to offer systems for everything from homes and industry to electricity businesses. From the installation of solar battery modules to interconnection with power systems, Toshiba is driven by a total engineering approach that encompasses analysis, design and execution as it strives to provide mega-solar systems which boast high efficiency and long-term stability.

KEY benefits

325W Poly Crystalline
PV Module

Toshiba photovoltaic systems for commercial and industrial applications.

  • High Efficiency
    Up to 15.5% module efficiency achieved*

  • High Quality
    Passed PID test**

  • High Output
    Passed PID test**

  • Thin & Light
    *Has a thickness of 40mm
    *Weighs a total of 22.2kg

*These values are measured at standard test condition
(STC : Module temperature 25C, AM1.5, irradiance 1000W/m )

**By Toshiba standard