What is QKD?

One of the most difficult challenges posed by today's rapid development of information technology is keeping data safe and secure. Secure access to confidential data is becoming increasingly important as more confidential data is stored on remote computer servers, such as the cloud. The encryption of information sent over public networks is used to secure its transmission and retrieval.

Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) is a method of distributing secret digital keys that are critical for protecting highly sensitive data in many industries. By implementing QKD, organizations can protect their communication infrastructure from both current and future cyber threats.

Toshiba's QKD, a future-proof encryption technology, allows for secure data transmission over high-speed networks. It offers hackproof solutions that safeguard vital information across societies and economies.

How does QKD works?

QKD uses physics and quantum mechanics to create an unhackable crypto algorithm to secure data transmission and retrieval. It uses the quantum properties of very weak light signals to establish encryption keys between remote users.

These signals are fundamentally tamper-evident,revealing any attempts to intercept them, and the keys they generate are fundamentally quantumrandom, requiring no computational approach to cracking them.

Secure your digital future with QKD

Application Areas

Industries that require long-term confidentiality of information





Critical Infrastructure

Toshiba QKD Development Timeline

From Research to Reality

Substation Equipment

That secures the quality of electric power

System Control System

That contribute to improving the supply-demand adjustment performance


Enables long distance transmission and interconnection of asyncrous grids

Solutions, IoT

Solutions that realize next-generation transmission & distribution through IoT technologiesr

Protection Relay

that automatically prevents large-scale blackouts


Microgrid solution for power system stability and economy

Energy Storage

System that solves social challenges such as realization of carbon neutrality

Toshiba QKD Lineup

Our QKD offering has two variants: the multiplexed system which can be operated on data carrying fiber, and the long-distance system for the highest possible key rate and range.

Multiplex QKD System

The Multiplexed QKD system allows operation on data carrying fiber, thereby removing the requirement for costly dark fiber. It uses a quantum channel with wavelength in the telecom O-Band, leaving the C-band free for customer traffic. It can operate in the conventional mode with a fiber pair carrying uni-direction traffic, or with a single fiber carrying bi-direction quantum and classical signals.

The Long Distance QKD System

The Long Distance QKD System operates with a quantum channel in the telecom C-band for the longest possible range and highest possible secure key rate. It can tolerate limited bandwidths of multiplexed data within the C-band.

Key Features

This impressive heritage and experience has enabled us to create a range of cutting edge technologies and products that differentiate Toshiba as the leading provider of QKD technology. Toshiba has pioneered serveral technologies which continue to its high performance QKD solution.

High Key






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