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Securing Sensitive Information with Quantum Key Distribution

Learn how Quantum Key Distribution protects financial institutions from quantum threats.

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Why the Financial Services Sector needs to upgrade their Network Infrastructure.



Quantum computers, able to decrypt sensitive data currently being transmitted across ordinary networks, have the potential to threaten the security underpinning today's digital economy.



Sensitive data is being 'harvested' from network vulnerable to eavesdropping so quantum computers can decrypt it at a later date. Industries whose data is both sensitive and long-lasting - Such as financial services - are particularly at risk from these attacks.



Only by transitioning to a quantum-secure network can organisations protect their data both now, and in the future.

Financial News on Quantum Key Distribution

Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) Advisory on Addressing the Cybersecurity Risks Associated with Quantum

JPMorgan Chase, Toshiba and Ciena Build the First Quantum Key Distribution Network Used to Secure Mission Critical Blockchain Application

HSBC becomes first bank to join the UK’s pioneering commercial quantum secure metro network

Financial Data and Applications Protected by QKD

  • Account Information
  • Customer Information
  • Sensitive Communications
  • High Frequency Trading
  • Data Analytics in Finance
  • Investment Strategies
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Finance
  • Block Chain
  • RegTech (Regulatory Technology)
  • Algorithmic Trading
Toshiba Quantum Technology

Securing our quantum future

At Toshiba, we’re committed to delivering world leading technology that protects the private information of citizens and organizations.

As quantum computing becomes more widely available, the volume and severity of cyber attacks will put sensitive data under threat like never before. Only quantum secure solutions will be able to withstand decryption from quantum computers, which will have the power to bypass current encryption methods in minutes.

Our quantum cyber security solutions, based on decades of scientific research, apply the fundamental laws of quantum physics to deliver provably secure network communications that will remain resilient even in the age of quantum computing.