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Power Generation

Geothermal power is an independent and stable power generation system that utilizes the thermal energy of the Earth’s magma.

In 1966, Toshiba delivered a set of 20 MW geothermal turbine and generator to Japan’s first geothermal power plant, and has since supplied many geothermal power generation systems throughout the world. As of December 2016, Toshiba has delivered steam turbines for geothermal power plants for a total output of about 3.4 GW. This accounts for 23% of the world’s geothermal power output in operation, the largest share in the world on an installed capacity basis.

Research on geothermal power

Renewable energy to generate power by utilizing the heat the Earth has Geothermal power generation harnesses the thermal energy from the Earth’s magma to create steam that drives the turbine and generator to generate power.

The steam flow used for geothermal power is generated by rainwater seeping underground and being heated by the magma. The amount of heat that magma produces is limitless, and rainfall is infinitely repeated, as a result of one of the Earth’s atmospheric phenomena. As such, use of underground steam is a part of infinitely-repeated energy collection cycles, and geothermal therefore is renewable energy.

* A study says it takes about three billion years for the temperature of the mantle (4,000℃) to decrease by 300℃. (“Introduction to Geothermal Energy”, The Geothermal Research Society of Japan.

What is geothermal power?

Geothermal power uses a hot steam generated from rainwater that seeped underground and heated by the heat of a magma to generate power.

KEY benefits

Optical solutions for various
geothermal conditions

Optical solutions for various geothermal conditions

  • Free from import related factors
    (supply fluctuations and economic changes)
  • independant and stable power generations
  • Extensive product line-up
  • Independant and natural stable energy
  • No external fuel required
  • Eco-friendly