product overview

Transmission &

The power industry is required to flexibly respond to the environment surrounding the power transmission and distribution, including distributed energy systems, energy liberalization, and large-scale natural disaster preparedness. In order to realize a more comfortable and environment-friendly smart energy society, we are taking actions towards solving social issues through our transmission & distribution business.

KEY Features

Toshiba contributes to stable advanced transmission and distribution (T & D) of
electricity towards the realization of a super smart energy society

Automatically prevents
large-scale blackouts

Economic & stable
power system

Realization of carbon

Next-generation T&D
through IoT technologies

Secures the quality of
electric power

Improving supply demand
adjustment performance

Transmission and interconnection
of asynchronous grids

Substation Equipments

500kV Gas Insulated Switchgear

Power Transformers

Surge Arresters

Medium Voltage Switchgear

Distribution Transformer

Protection Relays

Delivery Achievements of GIS, Protection Relay & Transformer