« Back 5th Eco-Products International Fair

TOSHIBA participated in the 5th Eco-Products International Fair which was held at SMX convention center in Metro Manila, Philippines from Mar 19 through 22, 2009.

83,469 visitors from various sectors, including VIPs such as President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, former President Fidel Ramos, his former First Lady Amelita “Ming” Ramos and Senator Robert Jaworski, were impressed with the exhibition booths in the fair.

TOSHIBA highlighted its main message of “Environmental Vision 2050” in the exhibition booth with the subordinate concepts of Factor 10, Energy Approach, Eco Products Approach, Eco Process and Eco Program.

TOSHIBA attracted visitors by its wide range of eco friendly products, services and activities in each concept such as renewable power plant business, LED light, Notebook PC, LCD TV, projector and TIP”s (one of local TOSHIBA companies) environmental activities.

TOSHIBA invited visitors for the booth orientation and quiz show at the main stage of the booth so that they could receive better understanding of TOSHIBA environmental management. The winners of the quiz show gladly received prizes from TOSHIBA products.

TOSHIBA also invited approximately 500 students from local schools and shared the precious opportunity where the young generation learned how to practice environmental management that promotes harmony with the earth, contributing to the creation of a richer lifestyle for society.