Solid-state LiDAR

Instantly and accurately detects road conditions and supports decision-making on the move. A safe and comfortable drive with Toshiba LiDAR.

Lithium-ion Battery SCiB™

Driving the future of a decarbonized society with Toshiba Lithium-ion Battery SCiB™, which provide greater charge-discharge efficiency and rapid charging.

microRNA Detection Technology

A better and healthier life with Toshiba’s microRNA technology, which contributes to cancer detection with ultra-early detection and personalized treatment as its core.

Structural Health Monitoring

A safer future with Toshiba’s structural health monitoring system, which taps on sensing technology to visualize the interior health of structures.

Quantum Key Distribution

A secure data future made possible with Toshiba’s Quantum Key Distribution, which provides a hack-proof solution for mission critical applications.

Spot Welding Inspection Robot

Toshiba is steering innovation to transform automotive manufacturing with automated, non-destructive inspection.

Virtual Power Plant

The world is going virtual, even in Energy. Find out how Toshiba is shaping the future of Energy with advanced energy management technologies.

Self-Driving Automotive

Toshiba’s Self-Driving Technology, unveiling a new reality in making self-driving for automotive a possibility for everyone.

More technologies coming this way next month!