Quantum Key Distribution (QKD)

Building a quantum-secure future with Toshiba’s Quantum Key Distribution



Toshiba's Commitment to a Carbon-Neutral Future

With innovative technologies and a deep commitment to building a better world, Toshiba is working towards stable, efficient green energy infrastructures for a Carbon-Neutral Future.

Superconducting Motor

Toshiba Superconducting Motor has revolutionized the airline and transportation industries. It is lightweight, compact and high-Power, making it possible to replace fossil-fuel-driven engines and contributing to zero-emissions for various types of large mobility vehicles.

Heavy Ion Therapy System

An improved quality of life (QOL) for cancer patients is possible with Toshiba’s Heavy Ion Therapy System, which contributes to high precision treatment with reduced side effects.

Solid-state LiDAR

Instantly and accurately detects road conditions and supports decision-making on the move. A safe and comfortable drive with Toshiba LiDAR.

Lithium-ion Battery SCiB™

Driving the future of a decarbonized society with Toshiba Lithium-ion Battery SCiB™, which provide greater charge-discharge efficiency and rapid charging.

microRNA Detection Technology

A better and healthier life with Toshiba’s microRNA technology, which contributes to cancer detection with ultra-early detection and personalized treatment as its core.<!–Read more on Toshiba Clip.–>

Structural Health Monitoring

A safer future with Toshiba’s structural health monitoring system, which taps on sensing technology to visualize the interior health of structures.<!–Read more on Toshiba Clip.–>

Spot Welding Inspection Robot

Toshiba is steering innovation to transform automotive manufacturing with automated, non-destructive inspection.<!–Read more on Toshiba Clip.–>

Virtual Power Plant

The world is going virtual, even in Energy. Find out how Toshiba is shaping the future of Energy with advanced energy management technologies.<!–Read more on Toshiba Clip.–>

Self-Driving Automotive

Toshiba’s Self-Driving Technology, unveiling a new reality in making self-driving for automotive a possibility for everyone.<!–Read more on Toshiba Clip.–>

More technologies coming this way next month!