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Toshiba Semiconductor (Thailand) Co., Ltd.(hereinafter called TST) hosted a tree planting event at a mangrove forest in Samutsakorn Province in Dec 2009, participated by a group of 75 people from every section including their families and students who participated Open Factory Project.

The term “mangrove” collectively refers to trees and shrubs grown in wetland into which sea water is flowing. A mangrove forest is usually seen along coastal lines of tropical areas and serves as a precious habitat for creatures such as fishes and crabs. At the event, about 3,000 trees were planted with a wish for them to grow and become a good shelter for the creatures.

“I appreciate TST for inviting our family to join the event and making us love mangrove so much. We intend to continue activities forever” said Mrs. Siriwan, one of TST employees.