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The National Environment Agency (NEA) organises a Recycling Day every year as part of a community outreach programme to re-iterate the importance of 3R (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) to the community. Recycling Week, an annual effort by the National Environment Agency (NEA), is focusing on electronics and electrical appliances this year because the average lifespan of these items is shrinking. New models are being launched frequently and the range of items is expanding.

Recycling Day helps to create awareness and support for Singapore”s recycling efforts and involves various 3P partners from the Public, Private as well as the People sectors. The event promotes awareness among residents to do their bit for the environment through fun-filled games, exhibitions, contests, quizzes and stage performances on the 3R (reduce, reuse, recycle) theme.

Recycling Day 2010 was successfully held on 4 Sep 2010, where the main event site was at the hard court opposite Lot One Shoppers Mall (Choa Chua Kang). Minister for the Environment and Water Resources, Dr Yaacob Ibrahim, graced the event together with Mayor, Dr Amy Khor, CEO (NEA). Toshiba had taken a booth and mounted a dry run for its own push into fridge recycling. People can sign during the event there to get their old Toshiba fridges sent for recycling.

At the event, our eWaste collection included 8 units of EOL notebooks, 17 batteries, 6 cartridges, 1 printer and 30 chargers/adapters. Although we did not manage to receive any request for refrigerator recycling, we hope this would create a platform for more awareness from consumers to arrange for proper disposal of their EOL household electronics and electrical items.

In conjunction with this NEA Recycling Day, a total of 100 kg of ewaste was also collected from TSE Singapore on 31 Aug 2010. Mr Teoh from NEA was invited to witness the disposal. Overall, this year event was a success. It was very meaningful and educational to all the participants especially Ms Yuka Sugiura, newly appointed AGM of TAPL environmental management division.

 From left: Mr Frankie, Mr Alfred Pheh, Mr Ikaga, Ms Grace Lee, Mr Shimpei Miwa, Mr Hidemi Murata, Ms Yuka Sugiura, Mr Tay Choon Song, Mr Paul Cheok, Ms Choy Wee Fong, Mr JP Lim  From left: Mr Miwa (TSP), Dr Yaacob Ibrahim, Minister for the Environment and Water Resources  National Recycling Day 2010  From right: Mr JP Lim (TAPL), Ms Jennifer (TSE), Mr Teoh (NEA), Mr Hiyoshi (President and CEO TSE), Mr Siang (TSE) From left: Ms Yuka Sugiura, AGM TAPL and Ms Grace Lee (TSP)