« Back TIP Celebrates Green Christmas Party

Have you ever heard of a “Green” Christmas Party”? It is not often celebrated as the white one but TIP managed to pull one with a blast last December 4, 2009. The celebration of the company was elevated to a higher sense of purpose to support the call for a greener environment.

TIP always stresses the importance of Environmental Protection to all employees. Guided by this firm vision, TIP initiated to come up with a different highlight of celebration and this time giving emphasis on environment. It has been envisioned to remind everyone once again that what we do in the environment will get back to us somehow.

A concrete proof and the most recent at that was the series of super typhoons that has stricken the Philippines this year. As scientists call it, this was not only coincidental but a start of something much worse unless actions have been made. Climate change is just one of the results of man”s activities that continuously damage the earth and is now slowly getting back at us, larger than life.

And what better way to welcome the holiday season but to party big time for a cause. A purpose to embed the consciousness in each one of our hearts the importance of conserving our resources.

An Environment Booth had been strategically placed at the entrance gate of the party venue so it can be easily noticed by all the employees. Aligned to the commitment of Toshiba Group to plant 1.5 Million Trees, narra and mahogany seeds had been distributed to employees in the booth. A total of 260 mahogany seeds and 624 narra seeds had been given out. The employees who received the pack of seeds pledge to nurture them until they become a full-grown tree. An environment pledge board with the title of “My Pledge for a Greener Earth” has garnered numerous signatures of employees who vowed to create ways to nurture and conserve earth”s natural resources. Employees from different departments have volunteered to monitor the waste disposal and waste segregation during the company-wide event.

Invited celebrities from the local TV networks shared their own pieces of idea on how everyone can be of help to the environment. Each one of them made significant encouragement and boost of awareness as they share their recent participation to attend to the needs of recent typhoon victims. All have come to a realization about the value of caring for the environment and the importance of taking action now.

True to Toshiba”s commitment to preserve the environment, TIP will continuously launch greater ideas to elevate the consciousness of the people that the responsibility to start to care requires individual participation. The sense of urgency is dawning to us now and the time to react may not always be at our side. Thus, the call for a greener environment is not a luxury now but should be a much needed global response.