« Back Toshiba participates in PSECE 2016 and reaffirms commitment to Philippines


From 15-17 June 2016, Toshiba partnered and hosted the 2016 Philippine Semiconductor Electronics Convention and Exhibition at the SMX Convention Center in Manilla, Philippines. Themed “Setting the Landscape Towards IoT Age”, the exhibition showcased the latest products, services and solutions in the electronics industry.

As countries continue to progress into information societies, the IoT has increasingly impacted the way businesses operate and how things are done. For example, sensors that monitor machines and processes on the factory floor can contribute to extending machine life and redesigning them to do more.

Corporate Representative-Asia for Toshiba Corporation and Managing Director of Toshiba Asia Pacific Mr. Tatsuo Doko, who delivered the opening ceremony speech, said, “Toshiba is confident and well-positioned to set the landscape for the IoT age in countries experiencing burgeoning growth. As user experiences start to become more important than ever as gathered insights translate to faster and accurate actions to address the pressing needs of today’s challenges, it is no longer sufficient for us to simply provide products – it is imperative that we integrate products and services, and create new customer value attuned to the era by working with our customers.

“Toshiba seeks to generate new value by connecting its energy, infrastructure, and storage products and solutions using cloud computing, big data and analytics technologies, to achieve its vision of realizing a world where present and future generations can live better lives. ”

At the three-day event, Assistant to General Manager of Overseas Business Development Division, Industrial ICT Solutions Company, Toshiba Corporation, Mr. Naoki Yamaguchi, gave a talk on Toshiba’s industrial IoT strategy. Toshiba also participated in ASEMEP National Technical Symposium breakout sessions.

Toshiba has been present in Philippines for more than 40 years. The company first opened an office in Manila in 1967, and 30 years later, established Toshiba Information Equipment, Philippines, which manufactures hard disk drives and solid state drives and has since shipped over 500M hard disk drives and accounted for 8% of all electronic devices exported from the Philippines by value. Toshiba is the only company in the world which can provide total storage solutions for not just mobile devices such as smart phones, tablets and PCs, but also for data centers which support a wide range of online services.

Toshiba (Philippines), Inc has also been contributing to the Philippines’ electricity supply through power generation and infrastructure projects. Toshiba’s first project in the Philippines was Agus VI, a hydro project in 1965.