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Toshiba is committed to creating a better environment and a better world for people everywhere, a philosophy summed up in “Toshiba Eco Style”. Through “Toshiba Eco Style”, We strive to create eco-conscious products and services for individuals and society. In line with governmental initiative to divert hazardous waste from landfill, Toshiba Data Dynamics Pte., Ltd.(TDSP) supported by Toshiba Asia Pacific Pte., Ltd (TAPL) environmental department started a 3 year pilot project since Dec 2010, implementing the Toner Cartridges Take-back Programme for our corporate customers .It allows customers to deposit all used toner cartridges, regardless of brand, into collection boxes placed at their own premises. The target is to divert estimated 3.4 tons of toner cartridges annually through Toshiba Asia Pacific’s toner cartridge take-back programme. As of today, the voluntary target has been on track and TDSP expected to achieve the 3.4 tons recycling target. From the beginning, the scheme has been very well received by our corporate customers because it is aligned with the ISO 14001 requirement and by promoting environmental friendly best practices among their staff to save the environment. For the second phase from 2013 to 2015, TDSP hopes to expand this programme to more customers to participate. (Note: TDSP received Merit of Award from Singapore Packaging Agreement Association in 2011)

Toner Cartridges Take Back Programme Toner Cartridges Take Back Programme