Thermal Power Generation

Electricity has played a fundamental role to support industries and society throughout all ages. Toshiba’s thermal power generation systems have been highly acclaimed worldwide for their economic efficiency, safety and environmental performance for a stable power supply that can be routinely used whenever and wherever needed. Amid an increasing demand for electric power and environmental consciousness, the role expected of thermal power generation is becoming more and more important. With aims to provide a stable power supply that is in harmony with the environment, Toshiba will continue to lead our society to a sustainable future.

What is Thermal power?

Thermal power systems generate electricity by rotating turbines and generators with the steam from water heated by burning fossil fuels such as coal, oil and natural gas in boilers. Thermal power generation has a role to ensure a stable power supply because it can control the power generation output by managing the heat energy in response to power consumption that varies to seasons or the time of day.

KEY Benefits

Reliable and economical thermal power generation technologies

High performance and high quality equipment - 64% Efficiency

A-USC (Advance Ultra-Super Critical)

Improvement in efficiency - 46%

CO2 capture and storage

Protect the atmosphere

Delivery Record of Turbines

After the delivery of the first turbine in 1927, Toshiba Group has manufactured a lot of turbines, and the total number of turbines shipped from Keihin Product Operations in Yokohama, Japan and from the Factory of Toshiba JSW Power Systems in Chennai, India exceeds 2000 units.